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Date March 2012

TERMS & CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT 1) All quotations, offers & contracts are subject to the following terms & conditions, hereafter any reference to the Company shall mean LEE  HALLARD BUILDING SERVICES (Concept Joinery Ltd. t/a) or any subsidiary Company or its successor in title.   The statutory rights of the customer, as to the quality, fitness, or description of goods or services are not affected by these conditions of sale.


2) Retention of Title:   Until full payment has been made for all sums outstanding from the buyer to the Company (Including debts arising before the date of this contract):

a)              The property in the goods shall remain in the Company.

b)              The Company may re-possess the goods at any time & the buyer hereby grants to the Company an irrevocable                        licence to enter on any premises of the buyer for the purposes of so doing.


3) Quotations/Estimates:    Quotations or estimates sent out specifying prices are subject to rise & fall in price due to incoming costs etc. & may be altered without notification at any time. Quotations or estimates supplied by the Company are subject to VAT (unless stated otherwise) at the applicable rate at the time of despatch. In any event the maximum duration of a quotation/estimates life span is 60 days.


4) Cancellations:  Orders accepted by the Company are subject to a customers ‘cooling off period’ of  SEVEN days. After this period has expired the order  may not be cancelled under any circumstances, unless agreed in writing by the Company. Cancellations of goods ordered specifically outside of the Company's normal stock or stock levels will not be accepted. Deposits paid for jobs cannot be refunded once manufacturing has begun (on or off site) or, once we have placed orders with our suppliers.


5) Payment of accounts: Our preferred method of payment is CASH,  INTERNET TRANSFER*, or Cheque. New customers must pay cash please. We also accept bank draft, building society cheque or personal / company cheque payment only. We do not accept Debit or Credit Cards. (We will accept a Credit Card Cheque)

We offer a 2.½% discount for prompt CASH payment. This discount option (if required) must be advised to our office PRIOR to the invoice being printed.

Cheque’s should be made payable to: ‘Lee Hallard Building Services’.

*If you wish to make an internet transfer to us, you will need to ask our office for some information as shown below in blue. For security purposes, this information will only be given in person to one of our clients.

Our Sort Code, which  is: (Please ask our office)

Our account No, which is:  (Please ask our office)

The £ Amount you wish to pay

& finally a reference, so we know the money is from you: Your Customer Code No (which is shown overleaf in GREEN) or Surname/Company Name.

Payment for work carried out is normally due in full upon completion, Very large jobs may have a special agreement set out on the preceding pages.

6) Set Off.    The Company shall be entitled at all times to set-off any sums that it may owe to the customer/supplier against any sums that the customer/supplier may owe the Company.

7) Warranty:   The Company's goods are all tested or examined before despatch, but are supplied without any warranty, condition or guarantee, expressed or implied that they are suitable for a particular use, or application, since the conditions of use are beyond the Company's control. Work involving treatment of live or organic infections & or, damp treatments, does not carry any specific guarantee, other than our free monitoring service. Guarantees specifically detailed on invoices or other documents are subject to the time limits & terms stated thereon, & further subject to the product manufacturer(s) remaining solvent or otherwise trading under the same debenture. Insurance backed Guarantees are further subject to the Terms & Conditions of the Insurance Companies Policy Documents, copies of which  will be provided if appropriate.

8) Contracts:  Any contracts subsisting between the Company & the buyers shall be construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of England, and, unless otherwise agreed in writing, is subject to the Jurisdiction of the English courts.

9) Corrections:  Clerical Errors & omissions are subject to correction without notice, in whatever correspondence or documents etc., such errors or omissions may occur

10) Clear working area. The area to be worked in must be clear of all obstructions, furniture or other incumbrance at the time of our arrival to commence work. If we should have to leave & re schedule as a result of the site being un ready, a charge for lost time will be made.

11) Adverse Weather.  During works, we may provide temporary weather proofing measures to property which is designed to keep out excessive rainwater. Such measures are never going to be absolutely water tight and storm proof. No liability can be accepted for water ingress through such measures because of exceptional conditions, beyond our control.  Adverse weather may also cause delays to external projects, causing small or substantial over-runs to the schedule. Such delays are again beyond our control, and liability in respect of any such delays cannot be accepted.

12) Services.  All subsurface services such as pipes cables etc which are within the area to be worked should be clearly marked prior to our arrival. We cannot be held at fault and responsible for any damage to services or consequential damage resulting from services which are damaged as a result of not being clearly marked. We will normally expect a minimum of 1 x 240volt 13amp electricity supply point, and usually a clean water supply.

13) Access to Site.  Proper arrangements for our staff to gain access to site on the arranged date must be made in advance by the customer, If we should have to leave & re schedule as a result of the site being inaccessible, a charge for lost time will be made.

14) Site security.  Proper arrangements for site security should be arranged by the customer, unless agreed by the Company in advance, in writing. We will not accept liability for any damage or losses resulting from break-in’s or vandalism.. In any case, any security company employed for the duration - or beyond - our works must be paid directly  by the customer.

15) Planning Consent/ Approvals.  Where planning consent or permission is required, or Fire regulations approval or Building Regulations approval, or Works Permits for the public highway, all costs will be borne by the customer. Whereas we will take all reasonable measures to conform to any regulations in force, any difficulties or costs incurred or arising are a matter between the customer & the relevant Council or Legal body.                                                         

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