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 Surestop Remote Water Switch  

How easy is it for you to access your water stop valve? What about in an emergency? Some of our clients have asked us to fit these valves recently. We have located the switch in a nice easy location (such as within a cupboard). No electricity or batteries required. It works by water pressure alone. Once fitted anyone can switch the water off quickly, easily & without fuss. At the time of writing the valves were around £49.99* to buy, not including fitting. Further information:

(* For the 15mm remote operated valve.)




Electrical Earthing


Over the last few years, the water authorities have been replacing the old cast iron water supply pipes with modern plastic pipes. Wonderful for reliability, but very often your home electricity supply uses the water pipes as a method of earthing (for safety). If the iron pipes have been replaced with plastic, your earthing may have been compromised. We have recently been replacing this with a simple copper earth rod and new connections at the distribution board.







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