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Any company, even the best run one will have complaints to deal with from time to time. We believe that the measure of a really good company is 'how well it deals with customers complaints'.

If you have a complaint, (or you may wish not to call it that - perhaps an adjustment request?)   Please, in the first instance, phone our office (or email as below if you prefer) and let us know.

We will usually set a date with you to visit and investigate. If possible, the matter will be rectified straight away. If this is not possible for some reason, we will give you a firm date for the correctional work to be carried out.

We keep a careful system record of all such 'occurances' and will ask you to sign a document upon completion to verify (to our auditors) that we have dealt with your complaint satisfactorily. Your statutary rights are not affected in any way by this.

 Are you PLEASED with our service? We sincerely hope so. If you are, why not leave a review at and let others know. You may contribute to charity at no cost to you as a bonus!

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Estimates & Job Schedules


 Once you have contacted us, we will make an appointment to visit you at a mutually agreeable time (office hours only).

After our meeting, we will usually contact you back within the week. Initially a phone call to verify that we are posting the written estimate off to you. Any questions can be answered of course. We do not expect a decision of any sort from you at this stage.

Shortly after, you will receive the written estimate in the post. Please read through this carefully, and make sure that we have correctly interpreted your requirements.

We do not ring you back or contact you again, so if you wish to proceed YOU MUST CONTACT US.

If you give us the go ahead (usually by phone) we will normally give you a start date straight away over the phone.

Any paperwork we may request from you (such as signed confirmations, deposits, or warranty policies) must be sent to us quickly please, otherwise the job may have to be postponed.





For any enquiries, or to request us to contact you:

For product info: E-mail address




2 Fieldway,  Widnes, Cheshire



Lee Hallard Building Services.



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