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 Information Security & General Security Policy

Date June 2008

CONCEPT JOINERY LTD. is committed to maintaining and improving information security within the organisation and minimising its exposure to risks. It is therefore CONCEPT JOINERY LTD. policy to ensure that:

The confidentiality of corporate, client and customer information will be assured

Sensitive information (however stored) will be protected against unauthorised access

The integrity of information will be maintained

Information will be made available to authorised business processes and employees when required

Regulatory and legislative requirements will be met

Business continuity plans for mission critical activities will be produced, maintained and tested

Information security training will be made available to all staff

CONCEPT JOINERY LTD. will comply with Standard ISO 27001 for information security

All breaches of information security, actual or suspected, will be reported to and investigated by CONCEPT JOINERY LTD. security personnel.

Signed.         Lee G Hallard                   Date    10.10.2008

On behalf of Lee Hallard Building Services

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