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[Q] Question Do you ask for deposits & why?

[A] Answer: Sometimes.

Sometimes we ask for deposits in advance of beginning work; if this is the case it will be because your order involves us purchasing a 'special' of some description on your behalf. If you were to cancel after giving the go ahead, and we had purchased such a 'special' we would then lose that money.

We sometimes ask for a structured payment system, for example a payment on day 1, day 5 etc. Such requests are usually because of large expenditure for materials, or perhaps because your job is scheduled to run to more than 1 weeks work.

In any event, we will always state such requests in WRITING, in ADVANCE on your written estimate. 


[Q] Question [Q&A] What happens if I am not happy with the job?

[A] Answer  Any company, even the best run one will have complaints to deal with from time to time. We believe that the measure of a really good company is 'how well it deals with customers complaints'. If you have a complaint, or you may wish not to call it that - perhaps an adjustment request!   

Either, 1) Tell us before we finish the work, and we will rectify it straight away if possible, or schedule another date if there is insufficient time.

OR 2) Phone our office (or e-mail as below if you prefer) and let us know. We will usually set a date with you to visit and investigate. If possible, the matter will be rectified straight away. If this is not possible for some reason, we will give you a firm date for the correctional work to be carried out. We keep a careful system record of all such 'occurrences' and will ask you to sign a document upon completion to verify (to our auditors) that we have dealt with your complaint satisfactorily. Your statutory rights are not affected in any way by this. 


[Q] What Guarantees do you offer?

[A] Answer  Some work will come with specific written guarantees; UPVC windows, Double Glazed units, Flat roofs, Gutter/Roof line UPVC work etc. Such guarantees are always fully detailed in writing on the estimate and the invoice. Time limits vary, and again are clearly quoted in writing.

Some work - typically large jobs such as controlled installations will come with an Insurance Backed Guarantee. These cover you in the very unlikely event that Lee Hallard should cease trading and leave you with a lost deposit or a warranty claim that cannot be fulfilled.

Most of our minor work does not come with written paper guarantees. This does not mean the work is not guaranteed!

You would not expect a certificate of guarantee for a door hung in your living room, - but if it fell off after a day you would expect rectification promptly!  Minor works such as this seldom go wrong, but if they do, just ring our office. We will visit you, assess if the responsibility is ours, and if it is, rectify matters free of charge. Our reputation is the 'advertising medium' that we use to obtain new work, and a happy customer recommends us!


[Q] Question What Trade Organisations do you belong to?

[A] Answer  Four. All four are professional, monitored organisations which keep an eye on their members:


UKTC  (United Kingdom Trades Confederation) A classic trades organisation. Membership is vetted, and companies applying will be expected to have a 'clean' record as well as appropriate office procedures, staff management procedures, policy documents, and fair & legal Terms & Conditions of Sale. Membership must be renewed annually. Problem companies are removed from the organisation.


CERTASS (Certass Ltd) Certass are a government overseen fenestration body. Membership to this organisation allows us to carry out certain 'controlled installations' WITHOUT prior notification to the Building Control Department of your local council. As registered members, we are allowed to 'self certify' certain works.   Membership of CERTASS is vetted, and our site managers are examined each year to ensure they are still up to date with their knowledge base. Each year CERTASS will pick a number of our installations and select them for random inspection.


                                                                         CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) Actually all Construction Companies should be associated with the CITB. They are a government organisation which charge all building companies a 'levy' each year to provide training within the industry. We have an active partnership with the CITB and use our 'membership' to full advantage mainly to train our younger staff operatives. CITB offer training courses in all aspects of the industry, DVD's for on site training, and they also liaise with colleges to ensure offsite training is of an appropriate standard.


TRUST MARK. We have recently (June 2011) been awarded registration for this organisation. TrustMark is a not for profit organisation, licensed by Government and supported by consumer protection groups. They advise consumers of local, trustworthy & reliable tradesmen, operating to Government endorsed standards. The ongoing membership of TrustMark is monitored by Fenistration organisations such as NICEIC or Certass (as is in our case).



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